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Ryan Fry & Jamie Korab after Team Gushue starts the season 22-1. October 5th, 2009

It’s the first time I’ve recorded an interview with two curlers at once. Since it was two guys who usually aren’t at a loss for words, there was plenty of material. Ryan and Jamie talk about Team Gushue’s fast start, the upcoming season, what it’s like to compete when your team is based in Newfoundland and more.

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Jamie Korab, curling again with Team Gushue. April 30th, 2008

Just over a year after we talked to Jamie following his dismissal from Team Gushue, we discussed his return.

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Jamie Korab Interview. April 13th, 2007

After talking with Brad Gushue on Monday, we were on the phone with Jamie Korab today, getting his take on the events surrounding the team’s recent moves. He doesn’t hold much back.

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