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Cory Naharnie of Team Burtnyk. October 26th, 2006

The lead from the hottest team on the Asham World Curling Tour weighs in with his thoughts on their success so far, the breakup of Team Fry and the challenges of playing lead. We also somehow end up talking about Saskatchewan’s Wilson brothers, the front end for Rick Folk in 1980, and try to figure out which one wore the headband and which one wore the Pittsburgh Pirates cap.

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Cory Naharnie Interview. October 6th, 2005

Cory Naharnie, lead (we’re making sure front end players get some air time) on Ryan Fry’s team, talked to us following a disappointing weekend in Brandon at the Wheat City Classic. They had a tough draw (Stoughton, Petryk, Lyburn) and never really got things going. It’s interesting to hear from a member of one of Manitoba’s good young teams that people outside the province don’t get much chance to see. We finish the interview with a rapid-fire question/answer segment.


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