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Brent Laing, 2015 Alberta Boston Pizza Cup champ. That’s different, isn’t it? February 15th, 2015

The longtime second for Ontario’s Team Howard joined the revamped Team Kevin Koe in the off-season. The new lineup — Kevin Koe, Marc Kennedy, Brent, and Ben Hebert — has had an up-and-down season while they adjust to a new dynamic, but they cruised through the Alberta Boston Pizza Cup to earn a spot in the Tim Hortons Brier in Calgary. Brent, one of the more thoughtful guys in the game, gives us great insight into that process and what it’s been like to play his former teammates.

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Brent Laing Interview. November 28th, 2007

Oh sure, he won two world junior championships with John Morris and captured a world title with Glenn Howard last year, but this is Brent Laing’s first time on The Curling Show. I’m sure he now feels one step closer to accomplishing everything he’s wanted to do in his curling career.

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