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Bob Weeks as the Tim Hortons Brier gets underway. March 5th, 2013

Following Day Two of the Tim Hortons Brier, I talked to curling and golf scribe Bob Weeks about the event and the state of curling. Hear how our discussion about the favorites holds up as Tuesday gets underway. (Maybe not so well.)

Apologies in advance for the crackle on the phone line — it’s as annoying to me as it will be to you. I tried to reduce it as much as possible.

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Bob Weeks, curling columnist for the Globe & Mail, from the Vancouver Games. February 20th, 2010

The guy who covers curling and golf — how great is that combination? — was on the phone for a conversation from Vancouver. Bob gives us his usual terrific insights on the event, the teams and the atmosphere.

If you’re in Vancouver for the Olympics, you can pick up a copy of Fit to Curl: A Sport-Specific Guide to Training for the World’s Greatest Game by John Morris at the Goldline booth at the Vancouver Curling Club. If you’re not, visit to purchase a copy.

Bob Weeks, curling columnist at The Globe & Mail and editor of ScoreGolf. July 15th, 2008

Among other things, that is. He’s also been named one of the 25 most influential people in Canadian golf and his Globe column is some of the rare space that the major newspapers devote to musings about curling. If you read his blog entries — whether they’re about golf orcurling — you know Bob has plenty of thoughtful, unvarnished opinions.

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