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Amy Nixon after Team Kleibrink starts the season on a roll. October 29th, 2008

We scheduled an interview with Amy after Team Kleibrink won three Tour events to open the season but actually spoke to her a few days after they went 1-3 at the Casinos of Winnipeg Classic, the second women’s Capital One Grand Slam of the season. That’s curling.

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Amy Nixon returns. November 8th, 2007

Nearly two years since her last appearance on The Curling Show — right before the 2006 Winter Games — Amy Nixon of Team Kleibrink was back to talk about her life in the sport since that time.

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Amy Nixon Interview. January 27th, 2006

With Torino moving ever closer, we talked to Amy Nixon of Team Canada last week. Hear what she has to say about their preparation — including their results in Berne and the team’s comments in the media following their exhibition game defeat of Team USA in Winnipeg.

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