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Heath McCormick from The Meridian Canadian Open. January 5th, 2017

He was my teammate and skipped our rink to the US Men’s title in 2012. He’s also a good friend and now skipping the top-ranked US team in the Year-to-Date Order of Merit rankings on the World Curling Tour, with a young front end that includes Thomas Howell, who grew up curling at my home club here in New Jersey. So there’s some history between us, and I was glad to have a chance to catch up with Heater before he took to the ice in the first appearance at a Grand Slam for his 2016-17  lineup.

If you wanted Fit to Curl in paperback but couldn’t get it because it every last copy has been sold, then check out the  Kindle version. Yes, the Sport-Specific Guide to Training for the World’s Greatest Game, written by John Morris, is now available in a version that is paper-free. Which is good news, because we have none to sell in the old-school paper-and-ink format. Until there’s a second edition, this is the way to go. It has a little more interactivity as an ebook, and I’ve added eight interviews with John that were recorded for this show.

Revisions to Brush Like a Badass have also been made. If you already purchased this ebook on Amazon, you should get an automatic update. If you haven’t bought it, well, what are you waiting for? In addition to revisions in the wake of last year’s Broomgate, I’ve also added three Curling Show interviews from last season, in case you want to revisit some of the discussion about brushing. And if you would like to have me lead a Brush Like a Badass clinic at your club, send an email to It’s been well-received at every club and I’d be happy to share some of the feedback from people who have participated.

Since some people have asked about my efforts on this front, here’s a link to a stand-up set of mine from a few months ago. Unlike this podcast, however, it’s definitely NSFW, or for kids. I have sets that are a lot cleaner, but it seems I don’t have any great video of those ones yet.

My novel, Escaping Teddy, is also still out there and I would love it if you would consider supporting my effort at fiction. If you like stories about flawed friendships and flawed people, you might enjoy it. It’s not the feel-good book of the year, but it does have comedic elements and relatable characters. It’s available on Amazon.

Finally, a quick plug for a new curling podcast with a theme I really like. Check out Curling Legends when you have a chance. After a listen, you may want to go out and play a game with corn brooms, 18-second ice, and a pack of Export “A”s. Or maybe not.

As always, thanks for listening. If you want to send me a message on curling or maybe just life in general, my email is on this site and I’m active on Twitter.

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