The Curling Show
Paul Lukas, columnist and founder of October 21st, 2010

No, it’s not a name that most curling fanatics will know. But anyone who is really interested in sport uniforms and aesthetics will. Paul Lukas covers that topic better than anyone and he featured curling apparel on his site when Team Koe first donned their vintage duds a couple of seasons ago. What’s more, Paul curled for the first time last year in the House of Hearts charity spiel in Duluth, MN. Among other things, Paul gives us his observations on curling apparel and equipment. It’s a great outsider’s take on this side of the sport during a week when we focus on clothing and gear.

Still trying to play your way into shape? Here’s a better option: follow one of the many curling-specific fitness programs in Fit to Curl: A Sport-Specific Guide to Training for the World’s Greatest Game by Olympic Gold Medalist John Morris. It’s available at and at your favourite pro shop.


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